There’s Always Something You Can Do, Here’s My Idea!


We’ve have been hearing the stories over the years, of the New World Order take over of America,  the the Dept. of Homeland Security build up of weapons and ammo for maybe declaring Martial Law In American to take both our freedoms and our firearms, World War III on the horizon in the Ukraine with Russia, our old foe from the Cold War Era. Even that foreign troops are already on the ground in the US. We heard it from the talk radio guys, our friends, the arm chair commando’s. But no one has said gather around, let’s fix this, let’s get ready, cos’ it’s OUR butts on the line, if it happens? And no one has really  had a detail plan of what we, the common citizen can do to prepare, on a local level.  We (United States) did away with the National Level Civil Defense we once enjoyed during the 1950’s and 60’s some time back. I feel the secret to helping your local county/parish stay secure, stay free, is your local Constitutional Sheriff. Most people don’t realize the power of your local Constitutional Sheriff………he can keep federal agencies out of your parish/county, if he thinks they are up to no good. First you should already know if he’s a “friend” or “foe” to the people? And then you need a plan to go address him. This shouldn’t come across as anti-government, but it should also be known the average American will defend our country and family from ANY enemy, both foreign or domestic.
The rest of the country may be going to “hell in a handbasket”…..but we don’t have to!

The Concept:

Well here’s my concept of a plan. It’s not rocket science. Nothing here
is wrote in stone. So feel free to modify as needed. The purpose of this is to give the average citizen the basic plan to address his local  Constitutional Sheriff, AFTER the person does his/her
homework on the local scene. Don’t go half cocked. You may only get one
chance to sell the plan, my plan or your concept. And your whole county/parish may depend on this
one day, don’t screw it up. Know your facts and your answers, that you may be asked.

In recent days (5/09/2014) I seen the story of
Salinas, Ca. Police Dept getting their armored vehicle, and the public
outrage, to the Police Dept, for arming up, apparently against the people of the city. Well apparently, their Dept. is already known as a foe, with a “jack booted “mindset. But there is another point to be considered by the public. Even if most Law Enforcement Depts are arming up, being
militarized, that may be the secret to our success as well. That put’s more weapons on the ground, and maybe up for grabs? I think the secret to surviving what’s coming is our elected Sheriffs. Of course you need to have one that will stand up for the people in his county/parish.
He needs to understand his Constitutional powers of his office. It’s NOT just a job or paycheck. As the
protector of the people.  Twenty-Two States have on the books for a State
Defense Force. Our survivability will naturally be more on the local
level where people know each other first hand, and you’re fighting for
YOUR home ground. So if the local Sheriff understands and accepts his
Constitutionalrights and powers, setting up a “fighting force” of his own
made up of locals, NOT paid employees, and NOT with the “jack booted thug”
mindset. Yes, some would call it “The Militia”, but since that name has
been ran thur the mud since the 1990’s or so, think of it as the Sheriff’s
Reserve Defense Force. And most police/sheriff depts have Reserves
already, but make no mistake, this isn’t the old men with the beer gut,
who couldn’t run a mile if their life depended on it crowd. Sure, they
need to be trained and organized, but they are not necessarily the every
day”cop on the beat” either, but used in an crisis. The Minute Men, if you
will. And a actual fighting force, surely there are enough military vets
out there to help train in military tactics, equipment, etc. And NOT the
armchair commando type’s. Guys who been in the heat of battle, and fit for
battle. Not the beer gut want-to be G.I. Joe’s either. Sure, if something major occurs it will be all males from17-55 or so to come to the defense of the area, and the members of the Reserve Defense Force  can also serve as advisers training a bigger force, if needed. Like the recent
situation at the Bundy’s Ranch in Nevada. If the local Sheriff would had
stood up to the Feds, the BLM, he could had used the Reserve Force to
maintain a presence in the area, as the muiti states Militia had to do,
leaving most of his everyday full time deputies to do their everyday
duties. But more so, since we all know that DHS has: 1. has purchased
billion(s) of rounds of ammo, 2. That 2700 MRAPS maybe as many as 6,000,
3. 7,000 additional automatic weapons, 4. check point
buildings, 5. plastic coffins, etc. even a blind man knowing all of this
was purchased to be used within The United States (CONUS). That’s me and
you folks.  Even the most naive Sheriff should realize he may be on the
receiving end of this. So my point is, if you have a Sheriff who will go
toe to toe with the Feds (IF need be), OR anyone else, IF there is a coming conflict in
America, another Civil War/revolt/etc.,?? and more than likely this time it
will be the Federal Gov’t with a few states siding with them against the
other states, we all want a fighting chance. And first and foremost, it
should be said we the people of the United States doesn’t want to do
battle with our Gov’t, but we will also not stand by to see our nation
destroyed or surrendered to our enemies. The southern states should
realize from the first (civil war) one that once the fighting starts, we
want the resources in our controlled area to be able to continue the fight. And the
funds to support it. That’s the next level to all of this, paying for the
equipment needed. IF the fight comes, these Sheriff Depts will need
equipment to fight with. To be able to go
toe-to-toe with whoever, or at least support a guerrilla action. It’s NOT
gearing up a police force or even a SWAT team, it’s gearing up to secure
and defend the county/parish, your hometown!

Survey Your Local County/Parish assets:

Most of the National Guard armories are empty. Your local members may even
be out of the country in Iraq, Afghanistan? We in Louisiana(for example) used to have
at each at least, 2 Bradley’s, 2 Duece and half’s, 2- Hummers in the
vehicles dept., not counting fuel trailers/etc at each armory. Sure you
may see that at the headquarter level armories, but when I was in Law
Enforcement our local armory was set up for a 140 man force. With at any
giving time was less than that number. I know this cause as our PD’s SWAT
team was gearing up, and we was looking at using some of their un-issued
gas masks. And I went into the vault on several occasions. So approx. 130
older M-16A1’s (most was Vietnam era Hydramatic/Colt/H&R’s converted with
current A2 uppers), and good handful of M-203/s, 2- M2 .50 BMG for the
Bradleys, about 4 M-60’s GPMG, and a few old M3/M3A1Grease Guns SMG’s for the Truck
Drivers/etc., and still using the 1911’s. This was in the late 1980’s
early 1990’s. I really be surprise how much of that is still in place
today.It’s been a while since I was around that armory, but the Bradley’s
was long gone, with no armor there. So even in a crisis, the Sheriff would
be hard press for equipment coming from a local level, and could only hope
that there’s a few FFL’s or Class III guys around with some inventory. A good point to make when you have your meeting with the Sheriff, does he know what resources are actually there on your local level?

And that’s gonna be the type equipment he will need. It will be more the crew
serve weapons, belt fed type weapons these groups will need, and the ammo
for them, (and also the armored vehicles) on top of the “assault weapons”each member probably already has. Naturally these groups will need to
standardized weapons/calibers, and NATO calibers at that, for replacement
parts/magazines/etc. I know of my neighboring parish Sheriff Dept in
recent years acquired (90) M-16A1’s, and (30) M-14’s, on top of the
weapons that was in their inventory, to include 2-M2 .50 BMG that’s been
in their armory since the 1960’s. They used to have a APC (M113), but
traded it towards a Bearcat a few years ago. So they fall into game
nicely, if their Sheriff will stand with the people, (IF NEED BE). All these type weapons (M-16A1’s, M-14’s, 1911’s plus MRAPS/Aircraft/Boats/etc) can be given on loan by your US Gov’t currently…website link below) If a force of ‘whoever” is coming to take over/lockdown your hometown (martial
law), and as we seen during Katrina, maybe they’re there to pick up
weapons, and maybe people too?? it will be the local Sheriff to first state
his attentions to allow any federal/state force to come into his county/parish, or say NO, and to enforce it. Other than wealthy insiders who may live in the local communities, even the rich
needs to understand their wealth, much less their lifes/property is at
risk too, and should help with this situation. Where once some locals
address their concern and ideas with the Sheriff, the Sheriff could call a
parish/county level meeting, asking for support. The point should be made
that within the present federal administration in office, the everyday
redistributingof wealth agenda, etc. where who and what these people can
do to assist the local Sheriff’s with equipment purchases may make the
difference in what they have left, plus their survival. Naturally the
equipment/weapons/etc needs to be
maintain/secured under the dept’s/etc. But as we see more gun control,
lack of money, within these depts we need to be more pro-active securing
the needed equipment ASAP. The Sheriff and
the local folks should also realize over the last few years the problems
in securing ammo at any level, where the dept’s themselves have to steal ammo (almost)
to run their yearly qualifications. So purchasing equipment, thur the surplus
houses the Feds offer to local level police agencies may not be a bad thing, making
it more affordable than the retail market, much less the Class III type markets,
(even post samples). IF and ONLY IF your local Sheriff is on the right side of the
people. We was trained the “us and them” mindset.  Even in my day we was “Peace
Officer”, the current guys in blue need to understand, they too are on a list, if things go the same way it went in other commie takeover. And if
we’re all fighting for our country, our way of life..our
hometowns…the civilians may be the difference in having back up, cause
the odds are, the other guys you thought was on your side,(federal/state) may NOT
be IF any of this comes down? And much like the
National Guard as the home guard, Sheriff’s need for mutual
defense/assistance for each other, where within the region they can call
on each other. (Ex: The West Louisiana Defense Alliance agreement between different parish’s Sheriffs) So if guys like Gen. Boykin are formatting plans on the military level for the
possible coming fight, should our nation start the free fall, with false
flags ops in the country, current and past Law
Enforcement/military vets should work on what it would take on the local
Naturally staying under civilian rule sounds more healthy for our country,
and who better than your local Sheriff if he’s for the people>??) We also need to
think of being more active with the young adults, and where either Boy
Scouts/Explorer troops, or their age groups to start training, both in the
field to include marksmanship, but as well as in a classroom setting the
importance of the US and State Constitutions, and our heritage as a free
country. Most people in the “preparedness” movement want to post blogs,
and read what others are doing…..we sat on our hands long enough, and
look where we are at as a nation… starts with you and your family.

The Unit:
The whole concept of the unit is to have a “ready force” of non-paid
volunteers. Like the Minute Men. Not necessary as Sheriff Deputies in the
Law Enforcement role, but Defense/Security. They need to be commissioned
officers, but where their powers of arrest is limited to be activated as a
unit in a crisis/etc. They should have to full police powers of carrying a
weapon, concealed or other wise. But no arrest powers, this saving the
embarrassment of the “want to be cop” making traffic stops in his/her
personal vehicles/etc. The unit should be known and appreciated by the
general public, as a Civil Defense type unit, not the typical Law
Enforcement Officer, where today most people are getting to the point of
not trusting Law Enforcement, because of the “jack booted mindset”. Where they seem to be quick at the draw, rather with the taser, or the firearm. Where in my day you was a “peace
officer”, trying to satisfied the situation, and not where someone has to
get arrested…or tased…or shot, but find a solution. The funding of the unit will hopefully come from the general public, maybe not so much in the form of tax-payer’s dollars, but
donation, fundraisers, etc.

Being a field unit, a BDU (battle dress uniform) type uniform should be
the issued one, or better yet the TRU (tactical response uniform)being an
updated BDU. Personally, I feel for the all around terrain the unit may
have to serve in, the standard Olive Drab (OD)green would be best suited.
Like this it’s not some camo, while being in town, and yet still offers
some concealment in a wooded environment. Naturally a subdued patch to ID
the unit is part of the local Sheriff Dept., name tag, rank, etc.

Unit Leader:
The unit leader should be someone with either combat experience
(preferred) or at least Law Enforcement. He needs to be a out-spoken
patriot, where HE IS the check and balance reasoning to activate or not after the Sheriff suggests it. To be a friend of the people of the parish/county. A seasoned combat vet
would be the idea choice, but someone still physical fit to lead the unit
into combat. A special forces vet with the concept of small unit tactics
would be really idea. But yet someone the Sheriff will trust whole
hearted, as he leads the unit, armed, in his county/parish. The leader
should be a non paid member as well, holding no employee commitment to the
Sheriff or the Dept, at the same time. Basically not a “yes man” to the Sheriff.

As a unit using military type firearms, and I do mean to the level of our
US Military, they first need to be standardized to the US Military/NATO.
We can have the argument of which caliber is better later. These unit will
ONLY act within the US, chances are within your county/parish. I never
understood why someone say into the militia movement would choose a AK
look alike, or a even cheaper made SKS as his/her main battle rifle.
Chances are a Chinese made cheap rifle, and it’s your choice to go into
battle with, REALLY? Sure the 7.62X39 cartridge is a great bush gun round, but the
reputation of the Russian made AK-47 is not what you’re buying in America
as a (Chinese) semi, I assure you. Anyway, this unit may have to interact with other
US forces from the local Law Enforcement groups, to the National Guard, to
the US Army/Marines. So standardization is critical, for spare parts,
ammo, magazines/accessories, much less just knowing how to operate the
weapon system. No law enforcement agency in America uses anything but NATO type weapons, so how would that militia guy re supply his ammo>?? Duh.  Anyone serious about being prepared, and a possibly member
of these groups should already have a AR-15 or M1A type weapon individual
member’s weapon. So the weapons that the dept. will have to look into is more
the crew serve/belt feed types, that the dept. will have to purchase. Even thou M-16’s and M-14’s can be loaned thur US Gov’t programs to Law Enforcement Agencies, starting to get the picture yet?
NFA(Class III) weapons are legal in most states (still) to purchase by
individuals, Class III dealers, and naturally Law Enforcement Agencies ,
so the 1. FN M240/MAG 58/MK48 GPMG, 2. FN M249/Minimi/MK46, 3. M-60E3/E4
GPMG, 4. M2 .50BMG would be current military models. M-203 40mm launchers
would also be a standard weapon in use, and one that if possible trained
on by group members. Being part of a Sheriff Dept., the official handgun
may be what is required to be carried by members. One issue thou,
currently the Beretta 92F/M9 9mm is the US military standard issue
handgun, with the Sig 2022 also being award contracts. Most Law
Enforcement are currently into .40 S&W, where the military is still mainly
in 9mm Luger/NATO. that will be a issue to address local, to be

Currently the US Gov’t has for loan, M-16A1’s , M-14’s and 1911 .45ACP handguns. Plus MRAPS Armored Vehicles, Helicopters, Watercrafts, etc. For more details go to :

So why not make use of it......we paid for it already!
Personal Equipment:
With the unit acting as a para-military unit, they should be outfitted as such. Night Vision, Body Armor, etc.

Communications: Having the necessary communication equipment to establish links with the Sheriff Dept,and 
and any other needed outside agencies.


Having access to both conventional and armored vehicles, both Hummers and MRAPS are available to Law Enforcement agencies thur:


Training: As in Law Enforcement, training is key. Staying both physically fit, and tactics are key to successful operations. Site Specific. 
Some suggestions are: 
True Strength Test

Anaerobic endurance refers to your ability to work at near maximal intensity in bursts of 20 to 60 seconds. “Anyone can sprint or punch hard for 10 seconds,” says LA.-based strength and conditioning coach Chad Waterbury, M.S. “But if you can sustain high levels of muscle force beyond that time, you’ll gain a huge advantage over your competitors.” Anaerobic endurance reflects the stamina of your fast-twitch muscle fibers, which generate energy in the absence of oxygen.


TEST- Squat, Curl, Press 20 Times in One Minute

Use 2 dumbbells that total roughly 30 percent (women use 20 percent) of your body weight (that’s a pair of 30-pounders if you weigh 200).


1.      Hold the dumbbells by your sides with your feet shoulder-width apart.


2.      Keeping your back naturally arched, push your hips back and lower your body until your thighs are below parallel to the floor.  


3.      As you stand up, curl the dumbbells to shoulder height and then press them straight overhead using your legs in the effort.


4.      Return to the starting position and repeat for 1 minute.


Perform 2 sets of the drill twice a week, resting 90 seconds between sets. If you can’t do at least 16 reps on your first set, lighten the load. “Each time, add an extra rep to your first set,” says Waterbury. “Once you reach 20 reps with the lighter weight, grab slightly heavier dumbbells and work your way up to 20 reps again.” Continue the slow increase until you can hit your goal.



With the Sheriff as the commander and chief, a civilian should be put into
the role of the unit commander. This way the unit should be assured that
it will not be called in as a hostile group towards the general public.
Using it as a check and balance of sorts. The members of the unit should
be trained and commissioned as members of  the Sheriff Dept., but in a
security role, not law enforcement. The reason for this, is to keep a
upstanding reputation with the general public. In today's world, law
enforcement is not always thought of in this light. They should be a
standardized uniform, rank, as in any military/para-military role to be recognized as a dept. of the local Sheriff's Dept. 
As a commissioned member of the Sheriff Dept. where they can be armed, but have
arrest powers ONLY when the unit is active. The Sheriff should issue
orders in writing to activate the unit, covering the unit commander and
the unit itself. Some states like Louisiana has current para-military laws on the books, but excludes Law Enforcement organizations. 
The unit should be thought of as a security detail for
the county/parish. That during a crisis, as in say a hurricane, they can
provide security for the communities to prevent looting, manning
checkpoints coming into the communities, patrol details,
communications/etc. During high risk criminal trials, the unit could help
with courthouse/courtroom security, transportation, etc. As a volunteer
force, the Sheriff Dept. should approve a standardized uniform, complete
with ID tags/rank/etc. Naturally uniforms will only be wore during
training or a real crisis. Since in the tough times today, it will be hard
for any Sheriff Dept. to afford to spend any tax-payers money on this. So
other than like any Sheriff's Reserve Officers Uniform, their basic gear
will be member provided, unless the Sheriff can budget funds, attain thru gov't loan programs or have fund
raisers for the unit. It will be the kindness of the wealthy members of
the county/parish to see the need of the unit, to donate funds to keep the
unit at it's peak readiness. Again, this is not a SWAT team, but a Defense
Force. From any threat, foreign or domestic. And the needed
weapons/vehicles/communication gear will be at the mercy of these local
members. All NFA type weapons should be purchased/registered by the
Sheriff Dept., making use of the Federal Gov't programs of used military
equipment that can be purchased at lower cost or loaned out. All weapons should be under
the control of the Sheriff Dept., where the unit is allowed use only for
training, and real events. The idea number of the volunteer force for the
county/parish level would be recommended at 50 minimum. A board
(suggestion) to include 1. the Sheriff, 2. Local Military vets, (for
training suggestions/experience) 3. the Unit Commander should meet to
first sum up the country/parish level of current readiness. List possible
target sites (ex: bridges/refineries/manufacturing plants/etc.) within the
country/parish. To see what local resources are on hand (Medical/Red
Cross/Military Bases). To size up the National Guard (NG) personnel
force/equipment assign to the country/parish, how often in recent year
that the NG unit is on active duty outside the area or even the country.
How to incorporate the NG force with the normal Sheriff Office personnel,
the Reserve Defense Force as well. Giving area's of responsibility/duties/etc.
In the response to a Federal issue of martial law, sizing up the real
threat. And if in question, where the local authority of the Sheriff to
declare his own martial law, not to be inflicted on the county's
residents, but to secure the county of any threat coming into the county,
rather for firearm confiscations, etc.

Things to look at for membership:
1. Good Physical Condition
2. past Law Enforcement/Military experience
3. Leadership qualities
4. Marksmanship qualities
5. Good communication skills

Jr. Program:
And a junior program like the Boy Scouts/Explorers should also be started
in the county/parish, to help start the interest in the younger groups.
giving activities for summer/etc. Where not only marksmanship can be
taught, but the U.S. Constitution, to learn what we are fighting to keep.
This may decide for the younger members that they would like to join the
US Military or Law Enforcement as they get older. The classroom part will
be as important than anything in the field. 

Key points:
1. Organize a County/Parish level Reserve Defense Force with authority thur the Sheriff's Office.
2. Equip a force of approx. 50 non paid/physical fit/commissioned members.
3. Process requests for loaned equipment thur the Federal Gov't where cost would be minimum.
4. Address local business owners/corporate business for financial help.
5. Find local combat vets to help with training.

By the way, I don't rule out the need to the completely off the books groups. A plan B is ALWAYS a good thing!!!